Welcome to Ibimimosa Properties and to our magic and unique island of Ibiza

Hello and Welcome to our Web-site Ibimimosa.com !.

Ibimimosa Properties started in 2012 as a family business and was created to ensure that our Customers that visit Ibiza, get to know and enjoy the Authentic Ibiza.

Early 2013 we started with our own Ibimimosa web page to advertise our properties and little by little we are adding properties and doing our best to serve you, the customer.

Our Ibimimosa villas, renovated fincas, etc, that we have in our portfolio, are all individually selected properties, because we believe they provide a perfect place to enjoy your truly deserved holiday, be it as a couple, family, extended family or just a group of friends looking to relax and enjoy our island.

For further information, please contact us at info@ibimimosa.com should you need any additional information and we will gladly help you!

Thank You !
Team Ibimimosa

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Your Ibimimosa Team


Hello my name is Pilar and I joined the IBIMIMOSA Team in March 2015.

A little about myself is that i was born in a small town in spain called Segovia, but grew up in Madrid the capital. I have always been interested in learning and trying different things. This constant need of learning and growing has motivated me to take on many different challenges in my life. I have worked as a model, a farmer, a designer, a logistics coordinator for a big NGO, this last job was very gratifying for me because i'm very interested and concerned with the environment. I'm also very fortunate to consider New York City as my second home. in New York City I not only started a family (my son was born and raised there) but I also attended the very prestigious New York University called NYU, where I studied translation.

I came to ibiza a little over a year ago looking for a new challenge and a place to start a new phase in my life. I am very happy to have joined the IBIMIMOSA group and I am specially excited to help make everyone's visit and experience in Ibiza through IBIMIMOSA as memorable and fun as possible. Cheers!


Welcome, Hello - Saludos!

Born on the very special island of Ibiza in the early 60´s, I spent my first 10 years on this great island, then some years abroad. Tried to study something I did not like and finally followed my childhood dream flying as a Pilot, Flight Instructor and Examiner for close to 25 years. During these years I flew Fixed wing aircraft and Helicopters, the latter I enjoyed the most.

My childhood wish was always to “ just be able to be on Ibiza “ like the rest of my family and friends and not always have the obligation to leave the island for schooling, study and my past career.

Finally, after buying a small farm in San Lorenzo, Ibiza, I moved back with my family to the island in the year 2000.

In 2013 we launched Ibimimosa and added properties one by one from friends or acquaintances, by word of mouth, little by little.

I enjoy this new phase in life very much, sharing together with my colleagues, rushing around the island during the ever longer season and making sure all guests settle in well and have a great vacation and come back soon again !!. We will do our best to make sure each one of you has a great vacation at one of our Ibimimosa Properties!.
Thank You!
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